A variety of settings are available within our studio to provide an environment that will enhance your child's personality and developmental stage as well as provide a comfortable, enjoyable experience.

Andrew's goal in photographing children is to capture the true essence of their personality at this stage in their life. His images are artfully chosen
as he studies the natural actions and expressions of the child. By gently encouraging the child to communicate and play, Andrew captures the genuine childhood spirit.

Our staff can assist you in planning between a formal or casual approach to your child's portrait. Outdoor areas include a pond/waterfall, garden trellis, tree-house, garden swing, and tire swing. Camera room sets include a variety of traditional backgrounds, as well as a window light white room. To keep the primary focal point on the child, props are linited and tastefully added for classical style.
Children's Services: Individual Child's Session
Sibling Session
First Year Program - 3, 6, 9, and 12 month sessions
Please call for a complimentary planning session to begin your child's portrait history.

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